TrueNAS Mini

TrueNAS Mini uses enterprise-class hardware specifically selected to maximize performance with TrueNAS Core.

No other system in its class can match the performance of TrueNAS Mini XL. Plug it in, boot it up, and it’s up and running.

The TrueNAS Mini XL is the new robust and secure solution for an ever-growing demand for digital storage.

TrueNAS Mini Family Product Image

Manage your data like a pro

There are many compact NAS options on the market, but only one gives you access to the same tools used by professional storage specialists to back up and share your movies, photos, VMs, and files from a single device. The small but mighty TrueNAS® Minis feature unmatched performance, giving your data the protection and power it truly deserves.

TrueNAS Mini X
TrueNAS Mini X Produktbild

5 + 2 hot-swap bays
Quad-core C3558 Intel CPU
16 – 32GB ECC RAM
Efficient Design
Quad 1GbE

Warranty: 1 year (extendable)

TrueNAS Mini X+
TrueNAS Mini X Produktbild

5 + 2 hot-swap bays
Octa-core C3758 Intel CPU
32 – 64GB ECC RAM
Efficient Design
Dual 10GBaseT

Warranty: 1 year (extendable)

TrueNAS Mini XL+
TrueNAS Mini XL Produktbild

8 + 1 hot-swap bays
Octa-core C3758 Intel CPU
32 – 64GB ECC RAM
Maximum Capacity
Dual 1/10GbE

Warranty: 1 year (extendable)

Infinite possibilities

Ideal for file sharing, data backup, multimedia processing and distribution, video surveillance, edge/remote office, development, personal cloud, and other small/home office and SMB applications.

Protection against ransomware and data protection

At the heart of TrueNAS is the enterprise-grade, self-healing OpenZFS file system. Combined with advanced tools like integrated RAID, snapshots, encryption, and bitrot detection, TrueNAS Minis provide ultimate protection against data loss, corruption, and ransomware.


Easily create file shares, set permissions, and perform maintenance from a single web browser. The TrueNAS Mini supports all major file and block protocols and is designed to run unobtrusively in any existing home or office environment. Just plug it in and go, it just works.

Small but mighty

Just because a NAS is small doesn’t mean it has to be underpowered. TrueNAS Minis have the hardware power to outperform any compact NAS on the market, and caching SSDs can be added to boost read and write performance even further. All while maintaining high energy efficiency.

More than just storage with plugins and VMs

Extend your Mini’s capabilities with a variety of free plugins with TrueNAS CORE or VMs and containers with TrueNAS SCALE (Help Me Choose) to meet a variety of needs, from shared media hosting to private cloud management.


Data deduplication is a process that optimizes disk space usage by avoiding duplicate copies of data. Files are scanned and analyzed for duplicates before they are written to disk. This process is resource intensive and can severely impact performance if the system does not have caching devices or sufficient memory.

Snapshots and clones

Create and save snapshots of the entire file system as needed or schedule the process to reduce effort. In the event of a malware attack or user error, administrators can restore the system to an uninfected state. Recovery takes seconds, not days. Snapshots can be replicated to another TrueNAS system to create a remote backup in the event of a fire or catastrophic hardware failure. Users can easily manage, delete, copy and monitor stored snapshots via the web user interface.

Writable snapshots, or clones, are just as easy to create and allow recovery of data and files. Just like regular snapshots, clones are space-efficient, and only changed files take up storage space.


Protect your data from prying eyes – TrueNAS is the first and only open source project that offers encryption on ZFS volumes! Encrypted volumes can be read only by a TrueNAS system that owns the master key for this volume. Be sure to know that no one can access the files if you have an old disk, as long as the master keys are destroyed. For added security, an optional passphrase can be enabled to add a level of security to your entire system.


All blocks in the ZFS file system contain a checksum of the destination block that is checked when the block is read. Blocks that contain active data are never overwritten. Instead, a new block is allocated and data is written to it. This means that data is never overwritten when data is saved to ensure data integrity.

Why do we use ZFS?

TrueNAS (formerly FreeNAS), the world’s most popular open source storage operating system, uses the ZFS file system to protect all your important data. ZFS is an enterprise-grade open source file system and volume manager that provides unprecedented flexibility and commitment to data integrity. It is a next-generation file system that removes most, if not all, of the limitations of older file systems and hardware RAID.

With over 8.5 million downloads, more people have trusted TrueNAS and ZFS to back up their data than any other open source storage software in the world.

More than just storage

Extend the capabilities of your TrueNAS Mini with a variety of free plugins that use TrueNAS CORE, or VMs and containers that use TrueNAS SCALE to meet a variety of needs. From shared media hosting to private cloud management, TrueNAS makes it possible.