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– Scalable Hyperconverged Storage
– Integrated Linux containers and VMs
– Deploy as single nodes or clusters
– Designed for hybrid clouds
– Enterprise support options coming soon

TrueNAS SCALE minimum requirements
Dual-core 64-bit CPU | 8 GB RAM (16 GB recommended) | 16 GB SSD boot device | 2 equal-sized devices | Network connection | Hardware RAID not required

Full hardware requirements


At the heart of any storage system is the symbiotic interaction of the file system and physical storage devices.

The ZFS file system in TrueNAS provides the best available data protection of any file system at any price and leverages both spinning disk and all-flash storage, or a mix of both, very effectively. ZFS is prepared for the eventuality of storage device failure. It is highly configurable to achieve a perfect balance between redundancy and performance to meet any storage objective.

A properly configured TrueNAS system can tolerate the failure of multiple storage devices and even rebuild its boot media with a copy of the configuration file.

Data freedom with TrueNAS SCALE

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Hyperconverged infrastructure

TrueNAS® SCALE is an open source Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) solution. SCALE is based on TrueNAS CORE and adds Linux containers, VMs (KVM) and scalable ZFS storage capabilities.

SCALE is currently in BETA phase and is only recommended for early adopters who have a backup plan.

Scale-Out ZFS

OpenZFS and Gluster are combined to provide scalable ZFS capabilities with excellent data management.

Deploy a single hyper-converged node in a home/office or cluster nodes together for a highly scalable and highly available software-defined infrastructure.

Based on open source

TrueNAS SCALE is open source, based on Debian Linux, and free to download and use.

With hundreds of thousands of testers and contributors, the TrueNAS community development model, in addition to its unmatched value, enables more comprehensive testing and ultimately a higher quality product.

Join the “Storage Freedom” movement and enjoy the benefits of the open source economy.

Manage storage clusters and fleets

Cluster many systems with SCALE and manage them all with TrueCommand. TrueCommand makes it easy to monitor and manage all your systems from a single, easy-to-use dashboard.

– NAS fleet dashboard
– Single sign-on to all NAS devices
– Custom alerts and reports
– Fast fault management and diagnostics

Beyond data storage

TrueNAS SCALE provides easy access to the established Linux container ecosystem and simplifies application deployment.

With support for KVM virtual machines, Kubernetes, and Docker containers, you can easily customize and add applications to meet a variety of needs.

Which hardware to use for TrueNAS SCALE?

From reused systems to highly customized builds, TrueNAS offers Software Defined Storage (SDS) and runs on any x86_64 server.

We recommend the TrueNAS R-Series, TrueNAS X-Series or our TrueNAS Mini systems for use with TrueNAS SCALE.
All TrueNAS Mini systems are shipped with TrueNAS Core and are pre-configured, on request we can also install TrueNAS SCALE for you.

Did you know that every TrueNAS system is subject to strict quality controls?
Each of our TrueNAS systems goes through a one-week quality test to make sure your hardware is working properly.

No license fees, no hidden costs!
There are no license fees for TrueNAS Core, SCALE and Enterprise.

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